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Why plant-based?

Vending ingredients based on oats

Eating vegan is a well-known concept in our society nowadays. Nowadays, there are many vegetable variants of coffee creamer, such as soya milk or almond milk. These plant-based variants are very sustainable, but also super tasty! Unfortunately, vegan evaporated milk is not yet so common in the vending industry. We need to change this. We would like to explain why it is so important to choose a plant-based milk using the following four factors.


It is currently known that our food consumption accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. Nowadays, a large part of our consumption consists of products from livestock farming. Think of your piece of meat in the evening, your egg on Sunday and of course your daily cup(s) of coffee. However, livestock farming is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. It even has a greater impact than traffic! If you opt for plant-based products, you reduce the consumption of livestock and therefore the pressure on the climate. Animal food also requires much more water than plant-based food. As a result, the ecological footprint of vegetable products is much smaller than that of animal products.


The factor that is perhaps closest to you is your own health. In a world where our health is more important than ever, choosing plant-based products is a good idea. After all, a plant-based diet can reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and breast, colon and prostate cancer. There is also lactose intolerance: the inability to digest lactose from milk sugar. This can cause intestinal problems. Lactose is an ingredient of traditional cow’s milk.

So if you choose plant-based ingredients for your coffee, you can avoid this problem. An allergy to cow’s milk or cow’s milk protein also occurs. These food allergies involve an unwanted reaction to proteins from cow’s milk. This in turn is caused by a severe reaction of the body’s immune system. This is not the case with vegetable products.

Animal welfare:

If you ask someone what his or her reason is for choosing vegetable products, there is a good chance that the answer will be “animal welfare”. In the production of animal products, such as milk, a lot of suffering and damage is caused to animals. This makes us at Oatplus very unhappy.

World food problem:

Unfortunately, not every country has the right food supply: there are many food shortages in the world. A major cause of this is that livestock farming takes up a disproportionate amount of agricultural land. If you replace an animal product with a vegetable product with the same nutritional value, less agricultural land will be needed.