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Dream start for Utrecht-based startup Oatplus

Utrecht, 13 september 2021 – Oatplus is an Utrecht-based startup and player in the coffee and vending market. Oatplus produces powdered oat milk ingredients for the coffee industry. Ingredients that are sustainable, but also super tasty.

By choosing vegetarian, Oatplus wants to positively influence the following four key factors: environment, health, animal welfare and the world food problem. Why and how we do this can be read on this website.

The products

Oatplus sells the following three products:

  1. Cappuccino Topping
  2. Hot Chocolate Mix
  3. Whitener

All products are vegan, lactose and gluten free. The cappuccino and whitener powders are sold in 750 gram bags; the hot chocolate mix is sold in a 1000 gram bag.

First major agreement

Oatplus does not sell directly to end users, but through existing coffee suppliers. Recently, Oatplus has established its first major cooperation with a coffee supplier. With the Brabant-based company MAAS International B.V. (hereafter MAAS), Oatplus has made a flying start, cold two months after starting the company.

One of the owners about the agreement

Marco Woudstra, co-owner of Oatplus: “The agreement with a big player like MAAS shows that the coffee market is ready for a big change: vegetable milk powders in coffee and vending machines. In our case, powders based on oats, instead of cow’s milk.”

The timing of the introduction of Oatplus works out well. Woudstra continues: “The earth is getting increasingly difficult at the moment. You can see this in the number of sustainable topics that are discussed in politics, on commercial channels and in the street. The use of our products causes, among other things, a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions and less use of water and soil, matters that are very topical and should contribute to the preservation of our earth.”

Maas and oatplus: A golden combination

For MAAS, the products are a hit, as the company is a leader in sustainability according to MVO Nederland. Furthermore, MAAS is an absolute market leader within higher and university education. In this sector, as well as in sectors such as government and healthcare, a lot of work is currently being done on sustainability.

Wouter Fijnaut (CEO) and George Schoof (Sales Director) of MAAS: “Oatplus offers a typical product that the market is waiting for: the vegan market is growing like crazy at the moment, and we don’t see this trend changing any time soon. MAAS has opted for a Private Label concept with Oatplus because of its taste, mouth feel and foam stability. A cappuccino made from this oat milk is also delicious!”

Enthusiastic about Oatplus?

Would you like to provide your employees with a delicious, yet sustainable coffee during their well-deserved break, just like MAAS? Then get in touch with your current coffee supplier. They can easily realise this together with Oatplus. This way, you can have delicious coffee with lactose and gluten-free creamer from your own coffee machine in no time, without your employees having to visit the barista around the corner.

Contact the owners, Marco Woudstra, +31 6 55 12 17 44 or Bert Stoker, +31 6 10 11 33 86, or via:

Are you already a MAAS customer? Then you can speak directly to your own account manager about the possibilities, or contact us easily via and +31 40 264 45 55.